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Café Menu


On-season hours: 

Weekdays: Intermitted hours (look for open sign or call)
Weekends: Friday, Sat, Sunday @ 9AM


Coffee: $4

Cold Brew: $5

Latte: $7

Mocha: $7.50

Cubano: $6

Americano: $5

Cappuccino: $5.50

Double espresso: $3.50

Flat white: $4

Hazelnut Latte: $7

Tea: $3

Chai: $6.50

Dirty Chai: $7.50

Matcha: $7

Hot Cocoa: $4

Italian Soda: $3

Lemonade: $4

Soft drinks: $2.75

Energy drinks: $3.50

Pumpkin Latte: $7

*all prices based on large drink, 10% discount for small

Treat Yourself

Soft serve: $6

Belgian Waffle: $3

Soft serve + Waffle Duo: $7.50

Affogato: $6

Baked goods: $5

Snacks: $2.50

Wellness shot: $3


Specialty Latte Drinks 

Bee's Knees: kick your day in the butt with an infused cayenne, honey, and brown sugar-flavored drink

Maui Wowie: a spin on island flavors and vibes with coconut and caramel coffee with foam topper

Cubby Bunny: take yourself to the fire pit with toasted and torched marshmallow goodness

Berry Blossom: your choice of blueberry or strawberry foam topper, to add some beauty to your cup

Lavender Haze: delicious floral aroma to bring some life into even the cloudiest days

Matcha Strawberry bomb: enhance your matcha with a strawberry foam topper

Bulletproof: the best wake-up call with a creamy MCT oil and grass-feed clarified butter coffee

Monkey biz: add a pep in your step with a tasty banana cream topper

Golden Latte: tumeric forward delight to support your joints, digestion, and enjoyment

*all prices based on large drink, 10% discount for small

*no up charge for milk choice or flavor


Roadhouse Lodge & Cafe

We are hiring baristas and cleaners! Must be willing to do both...

$15 per hour plus tips


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